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Given the fast pace of today’s competitive global marketplace, now more than ever corporations seek to employ individuals who are able to achieve and exceed organizational goals.   They seek to recruit individuals with the ability to initiate, think outside the box, and use diversified, more efficient approaches to the task at hand.   Brain training and neurofeedback devices are relatively new to the realm of wellness.  At Recharge we recognize the importance for clients to have sharp mental focus and a calm mind during stressful personal or workplace situations.  Brain training helps establish new neurological connections and open up new pathways for better control of their mind. 


Why would you do brain training?  Brain training is a way of strengthening cognitive skills by improving neural connections in the brain so that it grasps and processes incoming information better.  By establishing more neural connections athletes are able to make decisions faster and process situations more quickly.  The human brain continues to develop throughout your life. Our brain possesses the astounding ability to grow new neurological circuits to replace old neural pathways. As the brain develops it becomes denser as these new circuits are created. Like any other muscle, with the right training and attention, the brain can learn to perform tasks that were previously not possible. This process is called neuroplasticity.



Who is brain training recommended for?  Brain training is recommended every client regardless of age.  To make better and faster decisions in your life you need more brain horse power.


How often should you repeat brain training?  For brain training we recommend as often as possible.



 What does this help to improve?  Customers who perform brain training sessions experience enhanced job performance increased productivity, and they even perform better on the athletic field and behind the wheels of a car. Additionally, brain training helps individuals gain self-confidence, as well as a better understanding and involvement in the company’s overall targets, goal setting, and achieving processes.


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