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open a RECHARGE?

ADD RECHARGE performance RECOVERY to your training FACILITY with zero risk

Since we developed the concept and opened our first location over three years ago, we have received hundreds of inquiries from schools & training facilities wanting to know how they could add a Recharge Performance warm up and recovery studio to their existing sports training facility, school or gym to make additional revenue.


Recharge Performance is not an franchise, with franchise fees, royalties, and expensive equipment packages or large monthly payments, rather its a simple revenue sharing agreement that requires a relatively small security deposit with a five year revenue sharing agreement.  Our model creates a risk free opportunity for existing facilities to add sports performance recovery to their training business or school without the need to purchase all of the equipment, learn about its benefits or service it all.  Recharge Performance handles it all and in return we share together in the revenues.  In short you have the athletes and we have all of the equipment and knowledge which together makes the perfect team.

With a small $25k-60k Refundable Security Deposit depending on the package you have our team install.  Recharge Performance can add over $100k-$200k in additional revenue per year to your school or training business.


Below is a short summary answer of the frequently asked questions we receive from prospective owners.



Is Recharge performance a Franchise?

No, Recharge Performance is not a franchise, it is revenue sharing agreement in which we supply all of the recovery therapies, service, training, knowledge and you supply the athletes.  By using this model, we can create a near zero risk opportunity for existing facilities to add sports performance recovery for their athletes and make additional revenue.  Their are four different size levels of recovery studios to choose from, starting with our base level studio that includes over $100,000+ worth of sport performance recovery equipment that we install and service with only a $25k refundable security deposit.  Your security deposit is refunded after you reach preset sales levels and our risk is reduced.

how much is the initial investment?

The initial investment for a Recharge Performance is a refundable security deposit of between $25k-$60k for the entire equipment package and a revenue sharing agreement of 60 months.   We do offer financing for the security deposit and payments start around $425 per month for the base equipment package up to $1065 per month for our complete recovery package.  During the agreement all of your equipment is 100% completely warranted, which means if any piece of your equipment stops working you will receive a replacement piece of equipment within one month for free.  This provides our owners with peace of mind that they won't have unexpected expenses to worry about so that they can concentrate on providing the best service and experience to their customers. 

is there a monthly payment?

No, There is no minimum monthly payment unless you opted to finance your security deposit.  The agreement between Recharge Performance and our clients are solely based on a share of the revenues, so the Recharge Performance Studio will not add to your list of expenses in your slow months, but will add to your profits in your busy months.  Our goal is to make each of our recovery studios successful because the more successful you are, the more successful Recharge Performance becomes.  


HOW MUCH additional income can i make?

The typical Recharge Performance studio is expected to produce total annual revenues of between $100k-$400k per year which are shared between the parties 60% / 40% in which you keep 60%.  Using a price point of between $25-$35 per week for unlimited access and with only 100 weekly clients subscribing to use the studio, your Recharge Performance can produce around $200,000 per year adding $120,000 to your bottom line and your athletes can receive access to unlimited recovery for less than $5 per day. 



Training you and your staff is always included as part of your agreement for free for the life of your contract.  Recharge Performance offers free training to any club owners during installation and by appointment.  The Recharge Performance training and education program is one of the keys to our success. 

Will we help location Layout and planning?

Yes, Recharge Performance can assist owners with spacial layouts and foot traffic flow patterns.  Regardless if your adding Recharge to your existing business or starting from scratch your security deposit includes layout and planning.

what happens at the end of the contract?

At the end of your contract you will have several options to choose from. (1) If your total revenue exceeds $400k for the life of the contract you get to keep the equipment and 100% of the revenue going forward.  (2) You may return may return the equipment and we will return your security deposit.  (3) You may upgrade and expand your recovery studio under a new 5 year agreement and we will apply your security deposit to the new package.   Other options are also available. 


does the contract include booking & scheduling?

Recharge Performance are sold on a turn-key basis, which means you will receive a website exactly like ours that can accept payments and handle all of your booking and scheduling requirements.  Our system also collects all of the customer payments each week and sends you a complete history along with your payment each month to simplify the management process of a Recharge Performance studio.

CAN customers that don't train at my facility access it?

Recharge Performance does not place restrictions on customers that can access your studio as long as they sign the waivers and pay for access.  You are permitted to set separate pricing for non-member customers with alternative booking & scheduling rules.



If you would to schedule a consultation, take a tour of an existing facility or would like to get the process started please complete the form below and a representative will be in contact shortly.



Thanks for submitting!

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