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ADD RECHARGE performance RECOVERY to your training FACILITY

Since we developed the Recharge concept and opened our first location over three years ago, we have received hundreds of inquiries from schools & training facilities wanting to know how they could add a Recharge Performance warm up and recovery studio to their existing sports training facility, school or gym to make additional revenue and increase their dominance in the business of sports training & coaching.


Our first performance recovery studio request came from the Olympic Training Center in Geneva, OH.  Since adding their Recharge Performance Recovery Studio, the Spire Academy enrollment has doubled from 68 students to 137 and is expecting over 230 students in the coming year and their athlete's performance have improved significantly.


Adding an onsite sports performance recovery studio to your training facility not only makes it efficient for your athletes, and brings in additional revenue to your training center, but it also shows potential athletes and their parents & coaches that your facility takes their performance improvements seriously and understands that recovery plays a role.  It also more importantly sets you apart from all of your competitors that do not comprehend the significance that recovery plays in improved sports performance.

The first question we typically get is, "Why do I need help from Recharge to build a recovery studio?" Our answer is simple. Because red light therapy for example, has available options from $4,000 all the way up to $140,000 knowing which one is best for your athletes and more importantly what each of the devices actually do becomes critical. More specifically, 630nm red light, 660 nm red light & 880nm infrared light are all forms of red light, but they all do something different to help the athletes bodies recover


The team at Recharge has over 30+ years of experience working with recovery modalities and manufacturers of these product devices and our knowledge and experience will more than pay for itself when it comes to building your custom studio.  To most individuals a sauna is a sauna, and they could not be more wrong.  Many cheaper saunas produce harmful EMF wavelengths that do more harm than good to an athlete's performance.


Recharge Recovery & Performance is not a franchise, with franchise fees or monthly royalty payments.  Our model is a low-cost consulting agreement that helps existing training centers add a sports performance recovery to their facility or school using their budget and our experience to design the best sports performance recovery studio for the money.

Every Recharge Performance Recovery Studio includes their own Recharge website.  Our all-in-one package handles your website and management, all of your booking and scheduling and collects and manages all of your payments & subscriptions.

With a small $25k-50k investment depending on the equipment package you select.  Recharge Performance can add over $100k-$200k in additional revenue per year to your school or training business.


If you're interested is speaking with Recharge representative, please complete the form below.



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