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compression massage


Compression massage can help increase healing to damaged tissues.  Compression massage accelerate the healing process by increasing oxygen and nutrients into the tissues.   Oxygen and nutrients can work to repair and heal any damaged cells. Increasing the healing process can help speed up recovery.  Compression therapy is a very effective treatment for conditions such as leg cramps. It helps heal cramps by improving blood flow. During the healing process, compression therapy reduces the symptoms, such as pain, swelling, and cramping.


Why would you do compression massage?  Compression therapy can improve blood circulation in the legs and reduce pain and swelling.  Compression massage limit the veins' ability to expand and help blood move more efficiently, which assists the healing process.   Further, reducing the inflammation near your wound makes it easier for your damaged skin to receive oxygen, which also speeds healing.  Compression therapy helps to eliminate swelling. Though it seems counterintuitive, the pressure increases circulation.   It does not slow the flow of blood.   The improved blood flow helps promote healing, while the pressure helps prevent blood from pooling in the veins.


Who is compression massage recommended for?  We recommend compression massage for every customer regardless of age.


How often should you repeat compression massage?  Generally speaking, a healthy individual can use compression therapy 4-6 times per week. It is particularly invigorating after a tough training session and during longer training periods for high endurance events such as marathons, triathlons and other athletic competitions.





 What does this help to improve?  Compression massage help benefit the body by increasing blood circulation throughout the body,  improves the lymphatic system for removing toxins from the body,  helping to alleviate pain from swelling and inflammation,  enhancing how the body heals itself and it reduces stress and anxiety.



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