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Digestion Nutrition


Your body needs the right fuels to perform at its best, but the right foods for you body may be different from those foods you like the most.  By fuel we mean nutrition and by nutrition we mean proteins, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.  Understanding that every person's body is different and so is their digestive system, we work together with each customer to identify the most precise combination of these nutritional ingredients that allow your body to perform at its best.


Why would you do this test?  Digestion an nutritional testing helps to identify which foods help your body perform at its best.  Peoples bodies perform better with specific types of proteins and carbohydrates depending on how their specific digestion metabolizes them.  Using a combination of different nutritional patterns and testing devices we are able to identify the foods that help your body operate at its best.



Who is this test recommended for? Digestion and nutritional analysis testing is recommended for every customer regardless of age


How often should you repeat this test?  We recommend this test be performed one time per year at least.  Once we identify the best nutritional plan, it should be followed for 1 year during normal energy demand requirements.



Which body parts are or can be tested?  With this test we are identifying digestion performance related issues with regards to nutritional intake.



What are the results of this test?  An athletes body will perform differently from consuming red meat proteins,  fish proteins, plant based proteins or poultry proteins so identifying which proteins and carbohydrates most effectively improve your sports performance becomes a key ingredient.



 What does this help to improve? Digestive systems in athletes are as unique as fingerprints, so following a nutritional plan that works for a friend or a family member may not at all work for your digestion system.   Everyone will agree that nutrition is key in having good health, but identifying what nutrition works for each individual body requires testing and with a bit of trial and error.



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