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Meet The Founder of Recharge Performance - The Human Body Charging Station

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As a person that has always been fascinated with the science behind the human body, I have been reading about sports performance recovery modalities and how they improve the body's natural recovery systems for over 20 years.  The therapies and devices have not changed much in the past 20 years but the scientific backing that supports the results attained from using the therapy has become more substantial and proven.   



As a parent of three beautiful children I have had many roles in my kids lives including coach and supportive parent watching from the stands. Watching my children compete in sports throughout their high school years I often wondered why recovery did not play any role in most athlete's lives.  My children were good athletes but far to often injuries would set back the performance gains that they achieved.  I searched the internet for options, which were limited as well as very expensive, so I set out to change the way people and athletes took care of their bodies.

My first attempt was a wellness facility that included over 95 modalities directed to both athletes and consumers.  The business I created was called Recharge Health & Wellness and it became extremely popular in a very short time.  Recharge Health & Wellness should reach 25 locations by 2026 and is changing how wellness is delivered. 

Unfortunately the locations were not convenient enough for athletes to use everyday after practice.  The recovery devices needed to be at the location were athletes were already training, practicing or competing and only needed to include the modalities that helped athletes recover, so Recharge Performance was born.

Recharge Performance is an athlete specific recovery studio with science backed protocols tailored around each specific sports related recovery issue.



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