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percussion massage

therapy OVERVIEW

What is percussive therapy? Percussive (also called percussion) massage uses rapid and repetitive pressure combined with vibration therapy. The massage head moves quickly and forcefully, applying pressure directly to your soft tissue, while the vibrations engage the outer layer of skin.


Why would you do need percussion massage?  One of the most important benefits of massage guns is the ability to promote recovery after injury or intense activity by improving blood flow to the area.  Precisely targeting small and large muscles with deep percussive pressure provides other recovery-related benefits, including: Decreasing muscle pain and tension.



Who is this therapy recommended for?  Percussion massage is recommended for customers of all ages


How often should you use percussion massage?  We recommend using percussion massage once a day for approximately 30 minutes.



What are the benefits? Massage guns can also break up the tissue around the muscles (muscle fascia). This tissue can tighten up when it's stressed, which can lead to muscle stiffness or soreness.  Percussive or vibration therapy using a massage gun can improve blood flow into the myofascial tissues and reduce inflammation. This in turn may effectively relieve the sciatica pain.



 What does this help to improve?  You can use a massage gun whenever you want to relieve muscle tension, but it's most commonly used before and after workouts. “For warmups, using a massage gun can reduce soreness or stiffness from workouts from the day or days prior and activate muscles before a session.


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