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Losing or gaining weight is actually more about gaining your health than it is about weight.  Scientifically as you begin to lose weight it is more important to understand where you're losing the weight from as opposed how much weight you have lost.  Your body is made up of approximately 40-60% water and losing water from dehydration will actually make you more unhealthy. 


Recharge does weight loss much differently than other wellness services, starting with how we name it.  This is primarily because what is going on inside your body has less to do with the number of pounds your body physically weighs and more to do with the health you have gained along with the number of years you have added back to your life.  We call this process Health Gain as opposed to weight loss for obvious reasons.  To understand why we call it this you will need to understand more about the science of how the body loses or gains weight.  


For example,  if a person weighs 150 pounds and wants to lose 15 pounds using a traditional diet, they could use any off the shelf diet plan that helps them restrict calorie intake without feeling hungry.  Approximately 50% of the people will have success and 50% of the people will fail.   Statistically 75-85% of the people that succeed in losing the 15 pounds will put the weight back on within the next 24 months and usually they add back 5-10 more additional pounds.  Why does this happen?  Simple all you need to do is follow the science.

To understand what happened you first need to understand the body's composition.  The main ingredients of your body include skeletal muscle mass, intracellular water, extracellular water and body fat. When you lose weight using a traditional diet or weight loss plan you lose a percentage of the weight from each of these categories.  This means you didn't actually lose 15 pounds of body fat, instead more likely you lost 8-9 pounds of body fat and 3-4 pounds of muscle and the rest in water.    So why does this matter?


Now comes the science.   Because the body's primary demand for metabolic calorie consumption comes from the muscle tissue your demand has decreased.  First off you have reduced the amount of muscle in your body by 3-4 pounds using your off the shelf diet.  This means your body will scientifically require less calories to run throughout a given 24 hour cycle.   Secondly your body no longer has to consume as much energy because the 15 pounds of weight you lost is no longer forcing the muscles to work hard to move you around throughout the day.  So unless you want to eat 1500 calories a day for the rest of your life, you may want to learn more about how to scientifically lose weight and keep it off.

With Health Gain at Club Recharge we would recommend for this 150 pound client a more balanced science backed approach after starting with a complete body analysis.  Using Health Gain we would strive to add 10 pounds of muscle while we lose 15 pound of body fat.  Although on the scale they may only see a 5 pound difference in the mirror they will see a noticeable difference as will they in their Health Gain score. 



Who is science backed weight loss recommended for?  Health gain is recommended for anyone serious about gaining their health back and losing the weight for good the safe effective way.





 What does this help to improve?  For most people, they believe it is just a simple as eating less and their body will easily start losing weight.  It would be great if it was just that simple for everyone, but the human body is an extremely complex machine with many systems working together in concert to provide us all with the gift of life.


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